What's the deal the shoulder bursitis?

In today’s video we are continuing our week long topic on shoulder injuries and how to manage them.


Up today we have the diagnosis of shoulder bursitis.


This is a common diagnosis for most people who have a shoulder injury and can come with a whole slew of problems. 


Unfortunately in the current medical model we have become accustomed to trying our best to appease the insurance companies and this usually hand cuffs the doctors when it comes to making an accurate and thorough diagnosis.


The insurance companies dictate what is covered and this forces the doctor to make what I call a junk box diagnosis.


Bursitis is one of those junk box diagnoses that is made every day.


All it tells us is that there is some inflammation or swelling in the shoulder, doesn’t tell us much else.


In order to have a resolution for your pain and injury you need a thorough and accurate diagnosis, bursitis is not that.


What bursitis can be is a warning sign that something in the shoulder is damaged and getting overloaded, but does not tell us the tissue specific diagnosis.


So if you have been diagnosed with bursitis and are still having pain it might be time to get to an expert that can actually accurately diagnose your problem.