What's the deal with Sciatica?

Doctors have become “lazy” due to the constraints and never-ending bureaucracy, or endless red tape that insurance companies make them go through.

We live in a new type of medical world where everything has to fit into the perfect “mold” so the insurance companies can actually pay the doctor for doing their job.

So now doctors get into this mode of simplifying everything and trying to “dumb” down the diagnosis.

They are like automatic robots and decide that if it hurts anywhere in your low back/hip or down the leg that you must have sciatica.

Now we have people all over walking around (most likely in pain) saying they have sciatica, or someone just like my grandma who always says, “it’s that damn sciatica messing me up!”

Sorry grandma, I love you, but that diagnosis is complete nonsense and doesn’t explain anything!

The human body is a complex and very intricate subject with a lot of bones, muscles, nerves, ligaments and blood vessels.

Simply attributing the pain to “sciatica” can actually prove to be disastrous and can lead to even more pain and suffering.

Has your injury or pain been labeled as sciatica?

Are you still dealing with and feeling lousy from it?

Maybe it’s time to get a tissue specific diagnosis.

Pain in the back of the body, especially down the back of the leg could be a vast array of things:

  • Disc Injuries.
  • A nerve entrapment.
  • Adhesion of the surrounding muscles

The most common area on the body to get “sciatica” like symptoms is on a muscle deep in your butt. The sciatic nerve must pass through the muscles to get where it needs to go. When we sit all day long it puts that muscle and nerve under a great deal of stress, which causes it to get stuck together.

When it gets stuck together it can cause the following:





As I said earlier the diagnosis MUST be right for proper treatment to start.

Are you having any of the above symptoms?

Try this test on yourself.

Stand up with your feet about shoulder width apart. Keep your knees straight and bend down and try to touch the ground.

Can you do it?

Where do you feel the “stretch?”

If you cant touch the floor or feel it in the calf or behind the knee the chances are you have a nerve entrapment of the sciatic nerve causing the issue.

Feeling it in the calf is not normal stretch, what you are actually feeling is the nerve being pulled tight from being stuck above.

What not to do:

Don’t stretch it. The nerve is already getting pulled and the last thing it wants is to be stretched more.

Don’t jam on it with a lacrosse ball; all that does is make it angry and more inflamed.

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort with the test it would be a great idea to get a proper assessment from a soft tissue specialist.

One last thing, if a doctor tells you have sciatica please leave the office immediately!

Thanks for reading and take care of your body.