Why do you keep pulling your hamstring?

In today’s video we are going over a really common problem, pulled hamstrings!

This is a really common problem that continues to plague people all the time and leads to even more problems down the road. 

This issue here is that the hamstring keeps pulling because it is getting overloaded. 

Hamstrings always get the brunt of the load and can really get mismanaged in the current medical model.

There is a lot of confusion on the causes of tight hamstrings. People often engage in an obligatory stretch routine to eliminate the issue, without knowing what the true problem is. 
Your body is a complex and intricate system that deserves to feel and function at its optimal level. If you are trying to work through “tight” hamstrings simply by stretching them, chances are they’ll only get tighter. You owe it to your body to get properly assessed, diagnosed, and treated.

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