Why does it hurt so much when you step out of bed?

In today’s episode we are focusing on a really common problem that a lot of people suffer with, pain in the foot when you first get out of bed in the morning.

In many situations we absolutely dread those first couple steps getting out of bed in the morning and sometimes it can feel like someone is stabbing our foot or Achilles with a knife.

Why is this happening?

Let’s clear one thing up first, you definitely don’t have plantar fasciitis, in fact only 1 percent of foot problems are actually due to the plantar fascia itself.

What you actually have is something worse, it’s degeneration to the Achilles tendon or muscles in the foot.

This is called a tendinosis. Tendinosis is a degenerative process in the tendon that forms when you put too much load on the foot and ankle. The body responds by laying down more tendon, but it isn't good quality.

This tendinosis doesn't get good blood supply and the waste products accumulate when you aren't moving, which is why the first steps out of bed are so bad. Once you get moving around it can feel better, but will come back the next morning with a vengeance. 

So why is this a big deal?

97 percent of Achilles tendon tears were tendinosis before and usually the only real symptom you have is when it tears.

So if you are having this extreme pain in the foot every morning it would be good to get to a biomechanics doctor who can actually figure out what is going on and prevent an even bigger problem down the road.

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