Why self-treatment is a bad idea

In today’s episode of the daily knowledge project we are going to shed some light on a very important concept....

Why you can’t fix adhesion with a lacrosse ball!

It blows my mind sometimes to see the lengths people will go to try to “fix” their own injury by jamming a lacrosse ball in any area of the body that hurts.

This whole concept is a really bad idea and actually will do more harm than good.

This doesn’t stop people from trying to smash or bash the adhesion with the lacrosse ball with agonizing pain and then some more pain on top of that just for good measure.

So most people say to me that I blow things out of proportion and doing some self treatment really can't hurt.
The issue here is using the word treatment, that doesn't apply when you use a lacrosse ball.

Yes it can go under the category of maintenance, but once you are injured the idea of self treatment actually goes away.

But that doesn't stop people from smashing and bashing away.

The big problem is that when you do use the lacrosse ball you do get a temporary window where the muscles feel looser and you can do more activity, the problem is it just exposed the dysfunction even further.

In many cases I see in my office people usually delayed the window of opportunity for conservative care to work because they mitigated the symptoms with the lacrosse ball, but didn't actually improve any function.

Any treatment that improves only pain and not function is always dangerous.

Function is king!