Why the current medical model won't help your injury.

In todays video we are going over a really sad and tragic problem with the musculoskeletal world, more particularly when trying to get a resolution for your injury.


The tragic part is that the current medical model for injury treatment with inevitably fail you.


That just is a shame.


I know I may be coming across as harsh and pessimistic but what I have seen over the past few years it is becoming a reality.


The current medical model is almost completely symptom based and we tend to only focus on the treatment of the symptom, instead of actually looking at the patient as a whole and fully interpreting all the data.


We have also become extremely impatient in finding a solution to our injury and often go to a doctor that promises untrue results.


We then become shortsighted and start taking or doing treatments that will address the symptom we are having.


We inject injuries with cortisone, take medications or throw some tape on the area and continue on our way like it never happened.


We feel better pretty quick and that seems good enough for us.


The problem is simple though.... Even though you feel better you didn't get anything fixed! 


Don’t you think there might be a problem with that?


Don’t you think your doctor should be giving you something better than just getting rid of the symptoms and not informing you of the consequences?


Unfortunately that isn't the case and people end up in more pain in the long run just to buy a few months of feeling better.


Any treatment that fixes only symptoms and not address function with fail you in the long run.


You might not see the effects right away, but I can assure you it will get a lot worse in the long run when you chose to just get rid of symptoms.


Where my frustration comes in from the doctors that are willing to participate in that illusion with you and enable that behavior.


They aren’t helping you at all and making for a bigger problem down the road.


Stop kicking the can down the road and spend the time and money to get to a specialist who can accurately diagnose and fix your injury for good and not throw symptom relieving medications at it. Your future body will thank you.