Why you need a soft tissue specialist for your injury.

In our last video for the week we are covering a really interesting and important topic:


Why you need a soft tissue specialist in your life, especially if you are injured.


We all know I stress the importance of soft tissue treatment and also the diagnosis of adhesion. As I have said in countless other videos and post adhesion is a big deal.


It can lead to pain, weakness, decreased flexibility and if left alone for too long it can even lead to degeneration of the following tissues:







It can really cause a lot of problem.


Recently adhesion is coming to mainstream and often a new buzz word out there. Everyone has their own groundbreaking way to treat adhesion, ranging from some barbaric measures to other ones where people don't even have a clue.


There is even other people out there that claim that it doesn't really even exist or if it did it would take superhuman force to successfully break it up.


These people are just flat out wrong and the evidence is clear that adhesion is in fact very really and troublesome for any joint in the body.


So why do you need a specialist?


The specialist part is the key part. Anyone can say you have adhesion and throw a bunch of treatment at it and see what happens.


A specialist is the whole package. They are able to ask the right questions while taking your history. Properly assess all the information and then be able to have specific tests to determine how much and exactly where your adhesion is.


That alone is huge! Getting a tissue specific diagnosis is the most important part of any treatment process, without it how would you ever know what to do?


The last part is in the details. Adhesion actually doesn't need a ton of force to be broken down, roughly 6 pounds of force. What the key is actually getting tension on the adhesion through some seemingly easy steps by the practitioner, but the details are key.


Soft tissue specialists are master at what they do. They can break down adhesion effectively and permanently without damaging all the other healthy tissue.


So if you are bruising, feel like you got hit by a truck or can’t move after getting treated its clear your practitioner isn't an expert or specialist.


Get to the best and feel the best you ever have!