Will Chiropractic fix your injury for good?

In our last video of the week we are covering a topic that I hear about everyday and in all honesty it still bothers me.


In the video we are touching on the idea on if traditional Chiropractic will actually fully resolve your injury.


I struggled with this for years. I am by definition a Chiropractor. I am a Chiropractor who has never once performed a manipulation in his office to fix an injury in my entire short 6 year career.


Essentially some would consider me to be the “anti-chiropractor.” 


I can say I definitely am.


I had my awakening and epiphany years back in school when I started training outside of school in the world of soft tissue treatments.


I began to question everything about all the “benefits” that the correction of subluxation promised. 


I am very inquisitive person by nature and always question everything. I remember being in a class and saying to my professor the following: 


“I know we keep saying the bone is going out of place and we are correcting it with an adjustment, but what if we just fixed the soft tissue and not need to keep adjusting it?”


I was looked at with a look of disbelief and was told to reconsider my choice in careers if I did not see the healing powers of the adjustment.


Needless to say I was disappointed. I was already 2 years into my journey and a lot of money spent, I couldn't just drop out. 


I decided to keep plugging away and finished, but the whole time I kept learning more about muscles and anatomy, and spending all my extra money and time on learning soft tissue treatment.


Needless to say I made the right decision!


Sure Chiropractic will help you feel better and I'm sure you might swear by your doctor, that’s great and all.


My question is simple though...


Did they actually fix your injury?


If they did then why do you keep going back?!?