Will massage really fix your injury?

 In today’s episode we are going to cover the idea on if massage therapy will actually fix your injury.


The short answer to that is a simple no.


Now lets get into more details as why this is the case.


Don’t get me wrong I think massage is great for relaxing, helping to recover and just improving overall blood flow to the area.


I definitely think massage is something that is great for maintenance on already relatively healthy muscles and structures that just need to recover.


Once you are actually injured using massage therapy goes completely out the window.


Why is this so?


They lack the true training and time in actually diagnosis, it just isn't really a major part of their curriculum.


Unfortunately many therapists forget that and try their best to accurately diagnosis and fix your problem, which is a problem all in itself.


Massage therapists are usually trained to identify the areas that are tight or sore and really try to get in there and make that area better.


They do a good job of it for a few days but always leave with that feeling of it really just didn’t last.


It’s not their fault, they are doing what they were taught. For treatment to be fully effective you need to be able to accurately identify the problem and have the right tool to remove that problem for a sustainable period of time.


That doesn't happen with massage.


I know many of you out there love your massage therapist and think they are the greatest, and I am sure they are, but the reality is if you are trying to get an injury fixed and keep going back that it isn't the right thing to fix you.


Use massage how it is intended, for maintenance, recovery or relaxation, not for injury treatment.