Back Pain Conditions Treated With Soft Tissue Treatments

Are you looking for natural pain relief for back pain in the greater Tampa Bay Area? If so, our experienced doctor in St. Petersburg at Peak Soft Tissue may have the solutions you are seeking. Using his specialized certification of the Integrative Diagnosis System, Dr. Maggio can determine the precise area of your disc injury and recommend and effective course of holistic treatments for your specific injuries.

Many people suffer from injuries affecting their spinal discs, ranging for disc herniations, disc bulges, muscular adhesions and even spinal stenosis. Often people get a bunch of poor treatment and unnecessary surgery, when the results end up being worse. Spinal disc problems can root from a variety of reasons and only get worse if they're not properly treated by the right back pain specialist. 

Over the years the discs in our neck gets really beat up. They get weaker and they start to tear, leading to a ton of pain and dysfunction. To top all that we spend way to much time sitting, working on computers or looking down at our devices. This wreaks havoc on the disc and can lead to a lot of pain and discomfort. It can also lead to a variety of problems like knee injuries, due to overcompensating your weight to minimize pain for example. Once the disc goes bad we often panic and go straight to the orthopedic doctor and get signed up for surgery, that might actually make it worse.

Common disc injuries such as herniated discs, spinal degeneration and surrounding soft tissue damage can benefit from our pain-free physiotherapy techniques including Manual Adhesion Release, and Instrument Adhesion Release modalities. Disc injuries—particularly lower lumbar injuries respond positively to these soft tissue therapies from our St. Petersburg soft tissue doctor.

Common Causes and Symptoms of Spinal Disc Injuries

Common spinal disc injuries that we can effectively treat at Peak Soft Tissue in St. Petersburg include the following.

1. Herniated or Bulging Discs

Essentially, a sudden slip and fall or injury that puts excessive pressure on the spinal column can irritate the vertebra and cause the interior protective fluids to bulge out or herniate between the discs. This pressure impinges nearby nerves, muscles and other soft tissues which source tremendous back pain. Depending on the location of the bulging disc, symptoms may be present in the lower lumbar, mid, upper back, or the neck. Shoulder pain and neck pain often accompany disc herniations, and these are also relieved simultaneously with our natural pain relief therapies.

2. Spinal Degeneration and Muscle Spasms

Vertebral degeneration refer to damage of the spine, which could be sourced by postural issues, congenital and degenerative spinal diseases and other injuries. These alignment issues cause a bit of slippage in spinal vertebra that impinge on nerve endings that cause pain and can limit range of motion. You must keep in mind, that nerve endings in the spine are connected to nerves that control the body’s regulations, so disc injuries must be treated immediately to prevent the spread of symptoms throughout the body that source pain, muscle spasms, and cause spinal vertebrae to lack flexibility.

3. Sciatic Symptoms and Disc Injuries

Sciatica is a symptom of lower lumbar injuries such as herniated discs and degeneration that are left untreated. These conditions don’t get better on their own, and pain medication on only masks the symptoms, which include a radiating sense of numbness or throbbing pain that starts in the buttocks and runs down the affected side’s leg and foot. Our soft tissue care can address  low back pain and sciatica symptoms by resolving them from the source with muscle adhesion release techniques.



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