Explore Natural Pain Relief For Elbow and Wrist Pain

We tend to use our arms even more than we use our legs, and all of those repetitious motions involved in performing work, participating in sports and handling every day tasks can cause soft tissue damage and muscle adhesions that results in wrist pain and elbow pain. However, these areas can suffer from direct traumas in auto accidents, from personal injuries, or during a slip-and-fall incident.

The good news is that our Soft Tissue Doctor in St. Petersburg specializes in treating all kinds of soft tissue injuries and muscle adhesions including wrist pain and elbow pain. Here are some common conditions we treat with our natural pain relief therapies at Peak Soft Tissue.

Conditions We Treat In Office

1. Golfer/Tennis Elbow: The main cause of these injuries from golfers elbow pain is just from straight overuse injuries, especially playing sports or too much time spent on the computer. For example, the repetitive swinging nature of tennis and golf can cause small tears in elbow muscles and result in swelling and stiffness in the joint. However, these conditions aren’t always associated with sports injuries, as any type of overuse such as typing or working on an assembly line can be the culprits. Muscle adhesion therapy can help restore motion and relieve elbow pain. In our office we are able to fully and effectively treat the muscles in the area and remove the adhesion, this restores normal flexibility to to the area and helps alleviate pain.


2. Elbow Bursitis: As adhesions gradually develop in the elbow, loss of mobility and discomfort are common. This typically is a result of overuse and heavy lifting, but we can release the adhesions with our natural pain relief techniques and restore mobility to the joint. Getting rid of the adhesion will allow the bursitis to go away on its own, without surgeries or injections. 

3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Many patients seek treatment from our chiropractor in St. Petersburg to avoid the often ineffective surgical procedures for carpal tunnel syndrome. More often than not, this condition is the result of problems in the neck and shoulders such as muscle adhesions and nerve impingement. This might seem strange, but this is because the nerves get “stuck” in the shoulders and neck and cause the patient to have pain down in the wrist that gets diagnosed as carpal tunnel. We offer a natural solution that addresses carpal tunnel at the source so you can have long lasting relief without surgery or medications. In our office, finding the root cause of the problem is the key to having a full resolution of the symptoms. 

4. Tendinosis/Tendonitis: Typically, this condition presents itself as a numb or tingling sensation that runs from the elbow to the wrist and it is often accompanied by carpal tunnel symptoms. Tendinosis is often caused by tiny muscle tears due to a sudden injury or overuse of the arms. Our muscle adhesion release techniques can break up scar tissue that is impinging on nerves that source tendonitis.

5. Nerve Entrapments ( Median, Ulnar or Radial Nerve): Nerves such as the ulnar, radial and median nerves can suffer from entrapments caused by muscle adhesions and soft tissue damage. This can cause pain and symptoms very similar to tendonitis, but Dr. Maggio canhelp release entrapments with his holistic Manual Adhesion Release and Instrument Adhesion Release techniques.

6. Wrist Sprain & Strains: Dr. Maggio often recommends that individuals suffering from wrist sprains and strains wait a couple of weeks prior to undergoing chiropractic treatment for natural pain relief. As a sports injury expert, he understands that waiting for the swelling to go down before therapy is essential to preventing future problems. However, his treatments will effectively help your wrist injury heal more expediently after the swelling dissipates. 


Get Natural Pain Relief for Elbow and Wrist Pain Today

Dr. Maggio is one of three practitioners in the state of Florida certified in the Integrative Diagnosis System. In lieu of spinal adjustments, our St. Petersburg Soft Tissue Doctor treats wrist and elbow pain using Manual Adhesion Release and Instrument Adhesion Release techniques. These therapies help break up soft tissues to provide pain relief and to promote healing. Call us at Peak Performance Soft Tissue and Spine at 727-200-1319 today for an appointment with Dr. Maggio.