Frequently Ask Question

How many providers in Florida?

Currently Dr. Maggio is 1 of 3 providers in the entire state of Florida that is fully trained in the Integrative Diagnosis System, of those 3 he has been doing it the longest. People often ask why isn't there more? The answer is simple, because the training is very long and rigorous, with over 1000 additional hours required to be fully certified. Most doctors are unable or unwilling to make that commitment, Dr. Maggio is the opposite. He routinely trains once a month with the creator of the system Dr. Brady in Boston to assure his skillset is top notch. 

Why is this different than traditional Chiropractic or Physical Therapy?

Unfortunately our current medical model for musculoskeletal injuries is awful, patient's don't get what they deserve and the providers only diagnose and treat based on what they are trained in, instead of what they truly need. In many cases people who are injured end up with a "cookie cutter" or "one size fits all" approach to their problem. This leads to some pretty poor outcomes, leaving the patient suffering even more. At Peak Soft Tissue our focus begins with an accurate diagnosis, this leads to the appropriate treatment for your problem with a results driven focus. All of our results are measurable and accurate that allows us to get a full resolution to your injury and pain.

Why is muscle adhesion so important?

Muscle adhesion is the most common cause for pain, weakness and decreased flexibility in the human body. It is also vastly under diagnosed or completely missed by many practitioners. In many cases it doesn't show up on an XRAY or MRI so many doctors completely disregard it. When adhesion builds up over time it can lead to more force being put on the tendons, cartilage and ligaments leading to ruptures later on down the road. Adhesion is completely reversible with the expert treatment that Dr. Maggio is trained in and can be removed non-invasively with hands or an instrument. 

Who is our ideal patient?

If you fall into any of the categories listed below then we are the place for you:

  • Dealing with an injury that hasn't' resolved with other forms of treatment.
  • Trying to avoid surgery for your problem.
  • Had surgery and still not any better.
  • Looking to increase your performance and stay injury free.
  • Been told you just have to live with you injury and pain.
  • Frustrated with your current treatment plan and results.
  • Been injured for some time and never got an accurate diagnosis.
  • Looking to recover quicker after surgery.


What are the payment options?

Payment is due at the time of the appointment. We accept cash, check and most major credit cards. We are also capable of taking Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

What are the fees for treatments?

Initial Consultation: 15 minutes: We understand that what we do is so unique that people can't tell if it's a good fit. We offer a 15 minute consultation so you can sit down and talk to the doctor to get an idea of what we do. We all know you can't learn everything just from the internet. We also want to make sure you are a good candidate for our office as well. For this service we do require a $50.00 deposit paid to be able to secure your slot. Once that is paid you will come in and meet with the doctor and discuss what is going on with your injury. After the consultation we will decide together if you are a good candidate for our new patient exam and the fee off the consult will be put towards the new patient exam. If you are not a good fit for the office we will refund the payment back to you. In our office we do require a mandatory in-office consultation before deciding if you are a good candidate for our New Patient Comprehensive Exam listed below.

New Patient Comprehensive Exam: 45 minutes: $150.00. A comprehensive history of your injury will be taken. The examination includes neurological evaluation, orthopedic evaluation, and functional movement procedures designed to find the cause of your pain. Upon conclusion of the exam, Dr. Maggio will explain his findings and render a diagnosis. Dr. Maggio will also explain the treatment plan and options. At this point, you can discuss any questions or concerns you may have with him. On the initial visit and follow-up treatments Dr. Maggio will focus on one area of complaint at a time to allow for the best outcomes. If you do end up being a patient in the office the exam payment will be credited toward your case fee.

Follow-up treatments: 15 minutes: In our office we do a case fee based off your diagnosis from the New Patient Exam. What this is a one-time fee up front that allows you the benefit of seeing the case all the way through until the end. The fee is completely based off what is found on exam and is truly customizable for each case based on the exam findings.

What is the advantage of the case fee?

Lets be totally honest here, all of us have issues with commitment and seeing things through until the end. Every other office in the area and including us used to do a pay as you go service, which ends up being worse for everyone involved in the process. What would happen is people who inherently start feeling better after a few treatments and think they were done and withdraw from care. The problem is that it wasn't done yet and if we were lucky those people would come back a few months later and have to start all over again. In too many cases the problem got so bad that conservative care wouldn't work, requiring a referral to a surgeon. Dr. Maggio made a promise to his patients and himself that he wouldn't participate in a failure anymore. We initiated the case fee because this gives the patient and doctor a chance to see the case all the way through until the end and not worrying about how many visits it will take. We are providing results in our clinic and the case fee is the best way to assure that is done.

There are many other doctors out there that will do it for cheaper, but the problem is they won't fix your problem so it ends up being more expensive in the long run.

Dr. Maggio is the best option for any musculoskeletal injury in the entire state of Florida and he wants to make sure his patients are committed to the process and letting him fully resolve your injury.

Do you accept my insurance?

At Peak Soft Tissue the answer is no. Insurance companies only care about saving money by denying the care you need. We care about patients health. 

We get 3 to 4 of these a day with the same question about insurance. As you know the insurance system is not very good and they make it hard for patients and doctors to get the quality care that they deserve and need. Insurance companies really only care about saving money, we care about patients health and getting them better.

Usually at this point people stop listening to us and go to try to find someone that takes their insurance because we think that they will be a better option for us. I wish this was the truth, but it isn’t one bit.

Behind the scenes at a practice of a doctor that takes insurance is a lot of stress, never-ending paperwork, phone calls and just trying their best to get paid something for providing a service.

This leads to an overbooked practice, one where the doctor can’t focus on your problem and is just going through the motions to help appease the insurance company.

To make it even worse now insurance companies are completely cutting out decent doctors for treating “too much” and getting patients better, because at the end of the day its all about the bottom line.

Insurance companies don’t care about you, they don’t care about the doctor, they don’t care if you get better, but they do care about cashing your premium check every month and denying earned payment to the doctor.

The system is completely broken and you will actually suffer more if you chose to go to a doctor simply on if they take your insurance.

So the long winded of your question is a simple no we do not participate, but I guarantee if anyone is going to be able to fully solve your problem they most likely won’t take your insurance, because they value you and themselves more than the insurance company every will.