Manual Adhesion Release vs Massage Therapy

Scar Tissue Removal and Treatment

Manual Adhesion Release (MAR) is the leading form of soft-tissue treatment to remove adhesion or scar tissue and minimizing scar tissue related pain. Adhesion is arguably the number one cause (next to degeneration/arthritis) for muscle and joint pain, but unfortunately the most underdiagnosed condition. Adhesion acts like glue and sticks tissues and nerves together. As a result, this reduces flexibility, strength, and stability to the body. Adhesion along nerves can cause numbness, aching, tension, tingling, and in some cases weakness. This is called nerve entrapment and can happen in an estimated 156 locations throughout the body. Some common conditions in this scenario include carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and tarsal tunnel syndrome to name a few. MAR is the quickest and most effective way at fixing nerve entrapment. Other common conditions that are treated are impingement of the shoulders and hips, medial shin splints, neck pain, lower back pain, headaches, knee pain (runner’s knee, ITB syndrome, jumper’s knee), and chronically tight hamstrings or quads.