Neck Pain and Migraine Treatment from Our Doctor in St. Petersburg

Here at Peak Soft Tissue, our soft tissue doctor in St. Petersburg provides natural pain relief using soft tissue methods to treat an array of conditions that source stiffness and discomfort that can really be a pain in the neck—and the head. The majority of neck and headache related pain treated by our doctor in St. Petersburg is sourced from sporting injuries, auto accidents, or occupational incidents. However, postural issues due to long periods of looking at LED screens on your phone or computer can cause what we call ‘text neck’ and strain the eyes which can cause headaches.

Regardless of the cause of your neck or head pain, Dr. Maggio will find the root source and then discuss with you his natural pain relief techniques that can help alleviate your discomfort long-term. In our years of experience as a soft tissue doctor care team, we’ve discovered that soft tissue damage is one of the primary causes of pain in the body, as there are over 150 places that nerve endings can become entrapped. With this knowledge and Dr. Maggio’s specialized targeted approaches, we have great success in alleviating these pains and preventing recurrences.


What Causes Neck Pain? 

If you’re looking for a doctor in greater Tampa Bay or St. Petersburg with a unique and holistic approach to injury care, you’ll find that Dr. Maggio is one of three practitioners state-wide to enjoy certification in the practice of the Integrative Diagnosis System. Rather than relying on merely traditional spinal adjustments, our St. Petersburg chiropractor addresses pain using Manual Adhesion Release (M.A.R.) and Instrument Adhesion Release (I.A.R) techniques, which break up ‘stuck’ soft tissues, promote healing and provide long term pain relief. There are a lot of causes of soft tissue neck pain that tend to accumulate and lead to a lot of pain and dysfunction. From a pinched nerve in the neck to sharp unbearable aches like a slipped disk, we provide treatment for a variety of neck related injuries. We spend way too much time sitting on our phones/tablets/devices which lead to accidents over the years. Neck pain can really take away your ability to keep do the things you love or just function in a pain-free way. Here are common neck and head conditions we treat with these innovative therapies:


stiff neck muscles

1. Muscle and Joint Adhesion: What if we told you that the most common, most under-diagnosed and most fixable condition in the human body was adhesion? So, you might be asking, “What are these adhesions and what causes them?” Our Tampa Bay soft tissue doctor explains that these are the result of greater load capacities being placed on certain parts of the body than their correlating tissues and muscles can support. Muscle adhesion causes weakness, pain and decreased flexibility. Adhesions typically cause numbness, tingling, decreased mobility, and muscle weakness. These pains can result from repetitious use from work, sports or lifestyle habits or can be sourced by a sudden injury. We are experts in providing relief from muscle adhesions, wether it's neck or shoulder pain, relief is around the corner. When this is done the muscle becomes stronger and more flexible, allowing you to function in a pain-free environment. Many gimmicks/tools are out there that claim to fix adhesion, but the truth is the only way to get rid of it completely is with the Manual Adhesion Release and Instrument Adhesion Release treatments we specialize in. Our use of Instrument Adhesion Release and Manual Adhesion Release helps break up muscle adhesions and scar tissue that impinge neural pathways and source discomfort.


2. Headaches/Migraines: Headaches are the worst, it is even worse when they go into a full-blown migraine! Unfortunately, the treatments for headaches and migraines are pretty lousy, often forcing patients to take a bunch of drugs or get injections, all with very mediocre results. In our office we have had tremendous success with treating headaches and migraines all by getting in and treating the deep muscles in the neck by the top of the skull. These muscles, called your subboccipitals are very small and deep, but they get really beat up from sitting and looking down too much. The problem is that there are a lot of nerves and blood vessels in the area and when they get irritated they can trigger the crippling type of migraine. Patients in our office respond really well from getting the adhesion removed in there and often experience a headache free life!

3. Neck Spasms: This is a really common one we see in the office with a stiff neck and people come in with the description that they just “slept on it wrong.” This couldn't be any further from the case and in most situations it is actually just from the daily abuse the neck takes in our very sedentary lifestyle, leading those muscles to get beat up and respond in a spasm. The spasm is the the only way your body can get your attention to let you know what is going on and it is wise to listen up! Rather than rely on a temporary solution for soft tissue neck pain injuries, our holistic soft tissue care in St. Petersburg can provide immediate relief and a long term solution in lieu of traditional medicine.


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