Soft Tissue Treatments St. Petersburg

Dr. Matt Maggio is Florida's premier soft tissue doctor. Dr. Maggio does have a doctorate in Chiropractic but does not practice in the traditional sense that most people think when they hear chiropractor. He has never performed an adjustment in his practice and focuses more on treating the surrounding soft tissue. His focus is on getting to the root cause of the problem and fixing effectively for good. Currently he is only 1 of 3 doctors in the whole state certified to diagnose and treat adhesion, which is the most common cause for pain, weakness and decreased flexibility. Dr. Maggio at Peak Performance holds the highest certification possible in the Integrative Diagnosis System and regularly trains with the creator of the system Dr. Bill Brady.


Integrative Diagnosis (Full Body Certified)

As part of the Integrative Diagnosis system, in order to properly diagnose and treat the problem area, a patient will be put through several movement assessments. Once specific structures are targeted and diagnosed, treatment will begin with either MAR, or IAR, depending on the area being treated. After treatment patients will be put through the same movement assessments prior to treatment to check the result of treatment. Effective treatment results in immediate improvement felt by the patient.


Manual Adhesion release (M.A.R.)

Manual Adhesion Release (MAR) is the premier form of soft-tissue treatment to remove adhesion/scar tissue. Adhesion is arguably the number one cause (next to degeneration/arthritis) for muscle and joint pain, but unfortunately the most underdiagnosed condition. Adhesion acts like glue and sticks tissues and nerves together. As a result, this reduces flexibility, strength, and stability to the body. Adhesion along nerves can cause numbness, aching, tension, tingling, and in some cases weakness. This is called nerve entrapment and can happen in an estimated 156 locations throughout the body. Some common conditions in this scenario include carpal tunnel syndrome and tarsal tunnel syndrome to name a few. MAR is the quickest and most effective way at fixing nerve entrapment. Other common conditions that are treated are impingement of the shoulders, elbow and wrist pain, neck pain, headaches, knee pain (runner’s knee, ITB syndrome, jumper’s knee), and degenerated disc injuries.


Instrument Adhesion Release (I.A.R)

Instrument Adhesion Release (IAR) is an instrument based form of manual treatment that is designed to effectively remove adhesion without damaging the overlying healthy tissue. Instrument Adhesion Release (IAR) is not generic soft tissue “mobilization” but rather a highly targeted instrument and training combination that improves diagnosis, and allows for faster more effective treatment with less work. Common conditions in which IAR work more efficiently than MAR or ART are tendinitis of the Achilles and elbows (tendinopathy), forearm pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, anterior shin splints, and plantar fasciitis.