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St. Petersburg Chiropractors and Injury Doctors are everywhere, but it’s time to find a doctor that takes a different approach to fix your problem, so you don't have to keep coming back. Dr. Maggio with Peak Injury Solutions, takes an innovative, hands-on approach to restoring movement and relieving pain for a better quality of life.

Dr. Maggio holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic, but believes it is important to address tissue dysfunction instead of performing adjustments, so his focus is on treating the soft tissue for a more effective and complete solution to your injury. Currently Dr. Maggio is 1 of only 3 doctors in all of Florida certified in the Integrative Diagnosis system, and of those 3 he is the most experienced. Dr. Maggio holds the highest level certification possible allowing him to be the go-to expert in St. Petersburg on evaluating and treating musculoskeletal injuries. 

Through his technique training, known as Manual and Instrument Adhesion Release methods, he can restore mobility and muscle strength, which allows the injury to properly heal. If you’re suffering from any muscle pain, hip pain, sports injuries, aches, tingling or numbness,  muscle adhesion relief we can help. Most patients make significant progress towards a full recovery in as little as eight treatments. Many other treatment methods out there take a significant amount of time or make you feel like you need to keep coming back.

If you’re suffering from any type of injury, muscle pain, aches, tingling or numbness, we can help. In fact, our specialty is in restoring the function of the muscle so the body is better equipped to handle the daily forces that you put into your body – so you can get back to reaching your peak performance!

Call us for a no hassle Functional Consultation.  It is time to work with one of the top St. Petersburg Soft Tissue Doctors - don’t ignore the pain and reach out to us today to schedule your consultation.  

Welcome to Peak Soft Injury Solutions

Let's be honest, being injured and in pain sucks. What is even worse is the current medical model is completely broken. Patient's don't get they treatment they need and often feel like they are stuck with pain. Everyday countless money and time is wasted on ineffective treatment all because they doctor is only treating symptoms and not improving function.





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Get to know Your Soft Tissue Doctor - Dr. Maggio

                   Dr. Matthew Maggio                     (Soft Tissue Doctor)

                 Dr. Matthew Maggio

                 (Soft Tissue Doctor)

Dr. Maggio was an NCAA Division 3 football player in college. His interests in sports therapy came after receiving successful non-invasive, natural treatment method to an otherwise career-ending spinal injury. 

After a full Recovery, Dr. Maggio returned to football and received first-team All-Conference recognition. Today, Dr. Maggio is a board certified chiropractic physical in both Florida and New York and operates his practice as a soft tissue doctor out of St. Petersburg, FL, with a focus on soft tissue treatment methods. 
Peak Injury Solutions is conveniently located in St. Petersburg, FL on 2950 1st Avenue North. Dr. Maggio holds numerous certifications such as the Manual Adhesion Release certification, Integrative Diagnosis Certification and an Instrument Adhesion Release certification. These certifications, experience and several reviews are just a testament of what he can do for you.

St. Petersburg Soft Tissue Injury Services

Disc Injuries

Do you suffer from neck, shoulder, or elbow/wrist pain? That could be a result of a herniated disc in your neck. Our treatments are focused on diagnosing the problem and decompressing the disc by treating the surrounding muscle to help it heal your Herniated Disk Pain.

Neck Pain

We have extensive experience with true pain relieving methods. This non-invasive hands-on treatment can eliminate your pain quickly and permanently. Looking for a pain relief doctor in St. Petersburg? Learn how we can help you with your Neck Pain to learn more. 

Shoulder Pain

Dr. Matt Maggio, DC is nationally certified Integrative Diagnosis Provider, specializing in Manual Adhesion Release and Instrument Adhesion release. We're your St Petersburg Shoulder Pain Relief Specialists, offering relief in a variety of rotator cuff and soft tissue shoulder injuries.

Why Choose Peak Injury Solutions?

how to deal with sciatica

From neck pain, headaches, knee pain or rotator cuff tears, we provide true solutions, and actual pain-relieving techniques to remove those painful conditions and actually better your life.  We are your hometown St. Petersburg Soft Tissue Doctor, proudly serving pain relief solutions to St. Pete and the surrounding areas.

You will receive the best possible care, results, and pain-relieving solutions at Peak Injury Solutions Dr. Maggio really takes concerns seriously and creates a very specific treatment plan that will cater to your needs and pain. 

Your Hometown Soft Tissue Doctor

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Dr. Maggio understands that we are all in different walks of life. Whether you play sports, enjoy the outdoors or desperately want to play with your kids without the over bearing feeling of pain in your knees, neck or shoulders then our Soft Tissue Doctors at Peak Soft Tissue will be able to help you! 

Your body is a very complex machine, but it has the ability to heal itself.  Our adhesion treatments relieve pain and restore wellness to the body. Are you dealing with a reoccurring sports injury, shoulder pain, neck pain, annoying Headaches, herniated discs, elbow pain or possibly some other pain from an automobile accident? We would strongly recommend you contact on of the top St. Petersburg Soft Tissue Doctors in town. Dr. Maggio. He is the a great solution for pain relief and injury treatment in St. Pete.

At Peak Injury Solutions, we focus on the belief that every condition is unique. Dr. Maggio is considered by many as a great injury doctor in St. Petersburg/Tampa area, schedule your consultation today.

One of the top St. Petersburg Soft Tissue Doctors

There are no “one size fits all” approaches to treating our patients. Our approach is to simply find the real problem, fix it with real treatments and give our patients the final solution so that they will have the tools to keep the pain fixed. Dr. Maggio will do this by listening, evaluating, diagnosing, treating, testing and retreating to optimize the pain relief for each patient.

A diagnosis should never be made based on the training the practitioner has, but more specifically the problem at hand. That’s why we don’t treat the site of pain – because pain is usually derived from several factors, and in most cases, is a result of diminished capacity from an altered or increased load. Over time, the body compensates by passing the load to other structures which cause a painful response to alert you that something needs to change.

Peak Injury Solutions offers a non-invasive, realistic, non-surgical pain relieving results. Dr. Maggio is well trained and highly skilled in delivering top of the line results. Check out a view of his reviews . 

From Shoulder, neck, wrist, elbow, knee and headache relief Dr. Maggio serves residents from Clearwater, Tyrone, Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Pinellas Park, and St. Petersburg, and the surrounding areas.  It's not easy to find a St. Petersburg Injury Doctor that can provide real results and give you the Pain Relief and function that you are searching for. Dr. Maggio will help bring you the pain relief that you need and get you back to living life, so call Peak Performance Soft Tissue today to find out how who truly offers best St. Petersburg's best injury treatment care in the city. Let Dr. Maggio help you with your Chronic Pain, injury or just help get you back out there doing the things you love, pain free.

As a trusted St. Petersburg Soft Tissue Doctor, Dr. Maggio does NOT provide Chiropractic Adjustments, instead focusing on the treatment of the soft tissue. If you’re curious to see exactly how his methods can help you relieve pain without propping you on a table and cracking you in half, giving you medications that don't work or endless exercises, then book us today.