Tendinitis & Tendinosis St. Petersburg

What causes tendinitis?This is the major diagnosis used by the orthopedic and medical doctors, the problem is that it doesn't tell you anything about what is really going on. Tendinitis means the area is inflamed and hurts, but does nothing to explain why. You and your injury deserve better and that can only happen if the diagnosis is complete and accurate. So if you have been told you just have tendinitis and need to take a break and some medicine and you will be good to go that is a complete lie. Allow us to get to the root cause of the problem and fix you for good!

What is a tendinosis?This condition is vastly under-diagnosed, yet it is the more common cause of pain and dysfunction. The scary part is that muscles that end up tearing had some type of tendinosis in the body before it happened. 

Dr. Maggio was featured on a prominent site called Breaking Muscle talking specifically about this condition:


Areas in the body with tendinosis: 

1. Hamstring

2. Elbow

3. Achilles Tendon

4. Rotator Cuff Tendons